baby me

Ever since I was little, I have always loved to cook.  I was always in the kitchen helping my mom cook dinner and prepare dessert.  Now that I’m in college, I’m not the helper anymore, I have to cook everything for myself.  It has been quite an adventure and I absolutely love finding new and intriguing recipes.  But many of my friends complain about the food they eat while at school.  College food (home-cooked or from the cafeteria) has become more and more bland, but I am proof that cooking good food in college is not as hard as it sounds.  Why  should I waste my money on food that doesn’t taste good?   I’m not willing to sacrifice taste for simplified college recipes.  I find time in between four classes, dance practice, meetings, and visiting my friends, to whip up tons of recipes from scratch, and this is what I plan to share with you, so that anyone in (and out of) college can cook some darn-good food.


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